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Arshia Ahmad  |  Owner & Head Henna Artist

Arshia fell in love with Henna as a little girl. She used to watch with intrigue as her Grandmother would mix her own henna paste and use a simple match stick to craft her beautiful designs. When she would smell the paste from the other room, she used to run in and dunk both hands flat into the mixture – then sit for hours mesmerised by her grandmothers artistry as she delicately shaped and swirled the most enchanting patterns. It wasn’t long before she swirled her very first Henna pattern, then she found herself shadowing and copying her grandmother on every visit.

Nearly two decades later and Arshia’s skill and inspiration continues to grow. She has been trained under a world-renown Henna Artist, earning her an accreditation that has allowed her to become professionally certified. Arshia has experience in an extremely versatile range of henna styles – with her specialities being traditional bridal mehndi, indian and middle eastern patterns, custom creative designs and african tribal henna. Arshia continues to seek refinement and improvement of her art – by taking cultural art classes and studying under henna masters.

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